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5M Multipolar RF Professional Beauty Equipment

5M Multipolar RF Professional Beauty Equipment

5M Multipolar RF Professional Beauty Equipment




5M Multipolar RF Principle

5M Radio Frequency referred 5MRF, it is a shortened from high frequency AC changes electromagnetic wave. Changed by more than
5000000 times per second is called a high frequency current, and
frequency is such a high-frequency current.When radio waves acting on
the skin, can make the dermal collagen fibers heated to 68 ℃ -72 ℃,
collagen fibers immediately contracting, the loose skin wrinkles are
stretched, as well as by stimulating dermal collagen gradually
proliferation, induce dermal Layer restore firmness and elasticity, so as to
achieve firming, wrinkle removal purposes.
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Multi-polar RF, the third generation RF following the first-generation
monopolar radiofrequency and second-generation bipolar radiofrequency,
retaining the previous non-invasive radio frequency skin tightening,
wrinkle removal advantage, while adding a lot of unique technical
advantages. Deeper levels of a multi-polar RF heating, which can heat the
dermis and subcutaneous fat layer, firming, wrinkles removal, but also
has burning cellulite and body haping role. Clinically proven, multi-polar
RF is currently the only available most safe and effective beauty, body
shaping way for skin firming, wrinkles removal, burning cellulite, and
body shaping.
5M Multipolar RF Advantage
◆ Effect obvious, make you fee ten years younger surprise
The first use of multi-polar RF for wrinkle removal, we can immediately
see significant improvement; 2 to 6 months of treatment gradual process,
you can clearly feel the skin restore firmness and elasticity; to complete
the course of 2 to 6 months later, you will find yourself significantly
improved wrinkles, sagging eyelids raise up, eyes bigger, slack jaw has
also become tight and shaping, the whole body are completely new. Find
young beautiful face like a decade ago, really is not a dream!

◆ Effect lasting, Charm infinite
After multi-polar radio frequency treatment, in 2-6 months, stimulating
the dermal layer of collagen gradually hyperplasia, which has prompted
the dermis restore firmness and elasticity. And no adverse symptoms
occur. Study reported that a multi-polar RF stimulates collagen increase
in effect for at least 3 to 5 years or over even longer. To maintain the
length of time, related to the maintenance of each person and the speed of
the natural aging.

◆ Wrinkle removal quickly, tighten skin easily
To accept a multi-polar radiofrequency treatment, no painless with no
side effects, like a small quiet lunch break, 30 minutes can feel your skin
firm upward surprise. After treatment, no need recovery time, you can
wet water makeup and did not affect daily lives.

◆ Comprehensive skin caring , repair damaged skin
In addition to multi-polar RF can effectively improve relaxation and
wrinkles removal, the clinical use indicates that can also whiten skin,
deep skin rejuvenation, lifting sagging face and neck tissue, adipose
tissue ablation, thin face shaping. It is truly able to do comprehensive and
efficient beauty, restore youthful appearance and efficient beauty system.
- 7 -
Multi-polar RF unique advantage
More focused energy, more precise treatment
Multi-polar RF energy is confined between multiple poles, gather current
formula makes healing energy more accurate, more focused, more
controllable, to achieve the best results in a short period of treatment. The
monopolar radiofrequency current is the result of the body's energy




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