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Magic Whitening Mask Micro current BIO Bionic Cellcer

Magic Whitening Mask Micro current BIO Bionic Cellcer

Magic Whitening Mask Micro current BIO Bionic Cellcer




This product can supply micro-current middle cycle electric field. Double-effect electric field whiten&renewal instrument(middle cycle). Due to high frequency,when there is a little electric filed current(1500Hz),The customer can obvious feel that the flaps of the electric field,flows into the muscle layer,however,there are most cycle flow in the epidermis,dermis and collagen,therefore when frequency at 4500Hz and 15000Hz,customer can not feel the flaps of the electric field.But,due to this product which can supply 3 kinds of alternate sine wave.Thusthe electric stimulation and electric charge complaement are the most even and direct and consecutive.That is the most effective regulation for the electric equilibrium of the skin cel.Therefore,this product can fulfil function different from other products.


Microcurrent is a low-level electrical current that mimics the characteristics of the bodies natural current. Micro current was originally used in the 1960's to treat Bell's palsy or Stroke victims. The treatment was to re-educate the paralyzed facial area and jump start the muscle functions. great results were accomplished but a result that was not expected yet becoming very obvious was that all of these age defying effects & the ability to lift & tighten the muscle/skin, micro current was soon adopted into the Esthetics Arena. Estheticians have successfully been using micro current in their facial rejuvenation treatments for the past 20 years. Micro current is a painless application using two applicator prongs to massage & manipulate the muscle for collagen/fibroblast induction, muscle revival, skin lighting & toning.


Adopt to Microcurrent BIO, lift face and tigten skin, smooth laughter lines, wrinkles and fine lines, boost circulation and increase supplies of nutrients to skin, lymphatic drainage, minimize eye bags and dark circles, Improve skin complexion.


1.Remove eye wrinkle
2.Moisture skin
3.Whiten and tighten skin
4.Face skin lifting
5.Wrinkle removal,skin care
6.Remove black spot,promote dark and dumb skin.
7.Change oil skin
8.Remove acne and dark scar skin
9.Good for sensitive skin.

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