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Portbable Mini Bipolar Radio Frequency Skin Tighten Device

Portbable Mini Bipolar Radio Frequency Skin Tighten Device

Portbable Mini Bipolar Radio Frequency Skin Tighten Device



Mini RF Bipolar Radio Frequency Skin Lift Acne Wrinkle Remover Fat Burning Anti-aging Slim Equipment

Bipolar Radio Frequency Functions

Bipolar molecules are mainly composed of water and some proteins,they can get into deep skin through PSWD from the probes,but it doesn't hurt the cuticle,When the temperature reaches 39 to 40 celsius,the collagen will be shrunk by heat,and then accelerate its production ,The effecacy can go deep into derma 2-2.5mm,increas the activity of collagen makes your skin firm and elastic

Adopting high frequency of current(127MHz-160MHz per second)to Generate electric molecules in inter-organization,through kinetic energy into heat energy,through the force of energy to speed up the swallowing of"molecules""ions" "cell membrane""cells",hence enhancing the enzymes activities to strengthen circulation,And then help to soft and smooth uneven skin,increase its elastic.Especially,it's useful for anti-aging and removing hardened fiber,result in younger and lasting beautiful

PSWD--pulsed short wave uses two types of highfrequency(0.3Hz-0.5Hz) waves to form a uniform electric field in depth skin,stimulate the tissues and then activate the cells


MAX Temperature:60 Celsius
Depth of Skin Reach:2.5cm
Frequency current:127MHz-160MHz/second
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Power comsumption 10Watts
Power Supply:AC100/240Volts

3 kind of colors selection

Red: improve poor circulation
Yellow:improve pale skin tone
Blue:improve sensitive skin


How to use

Step 1:Connect the rf machine with the plug ,then you will find the time select red light.
Step 2:Click the ON/OFF button,then start the rf machine.
Step 3:Reclick the ON/OFF button,then you will find the working head indicator lights,color/Flash button indicator also lights.Click the lighted Color/flash button,then you can select the mode and the colors to operate.Each time,you select the color/flash mode,then it will change the color and mode.
Step 4:Then time and level can be setted according to the customer itself.
Step 5:Turn off the rf machine,and try to change another working heads on the top to treat different parts.
When you complete the operation,please make sure that you have turned off the machine and keep it in the original box.


Fobidden Matter

Pls noticed that this item is not applied to people as following:
1 People with heart disease or high blood pressure,or configured cardiac pacemaker
2 Patients with acute inflammation,asthma,deep vein thrombosis,theyroncus,cancer
3 Pregnant women
4 People with hemorrhagic disease,trauma or who is bleeding
5 Medical plastic parts,or parts with artificial in filling inside
6 People with metal inside the body(include metallic tooth)
7 Patient with skin inflammation or with edema
8 People with an abnormal immune system
9 Numb or insensitive to heat









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