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43K 32K Cavitation Slimming Machine

43K 32K Cavitation Slimming Machine

43K 32K Cavitation Slimming Machine




PDT red light
*640nm High-energy narrow-spectrum red light generate the Photochemical reaction which faster the metabolism hyperplasia,promote the of fat ,removing cellulite,Stimulate blood circulation,strengthen detoxification and lift your soft and flabby muscle.

33KHZ 28khz Lipo Cavitation
Cavitation is a process of ultrasounds to generate micro-cavities (bubbles) which grow up until implosion.
Through the continuing implosion, the bubbles emit pressure wave in the liquids, which stimulates the activity between the adiposities and the intercellular liquids, disintegrates the fat cell membrane,stimulating continuously with strong cavitation pressure wave leads to disrupt the emulsion and triglyceride contents in adiposities. The released fatty acids are cleared by endogenous processes.


1 Safety with non Invasive application without aesthesia,operate safe and comfortable
2 Use exclusive technology,Combine 33KHz, 28KHz Frequency cavitation and 640nm red photon rejuvenation technology
3 Application:No optics treatment and suit for all color skin
4 7.5 inch HD computer control touch screen screen ,easy to operate
5 Ergonomically designed Hand pieces
6 Smallet and poratble with 10 pounds,convient to carry,one must portable cavitation machine for home use and spa,
7 Two kinds of wave for choice-pulse and direct for different fat condition,bring the different comfortable
8 33KHz, 28KHz function can be controled by one button,easy for beautician
9 Time and intensity can be adjusted according to different demand


Thermal Effect Blood Circulation Lymphatic drainage Metabolism
Chemical Effect chemical reaction Collagen Regeneration Skin PH. Balancing, ATP activities
Mechanical Effect massaging effect Fibroblast activities Elasticity of skin texture Softens connective tissue


1.33KHZ Crack Head
Dispel and eliminate fat cells
Used to treat larger and wider area

2.28KHZ Crack Head
Reduce fat cells and tighten
Used to treat smaller and targeted area

3 640nm Red photon
Improve circulation,facilitate the flow of blood,assist to cavitation head shape and firm body

Valuable point:
Efficient: Quick treatment, long lasting results
Safty: Non invasive lipo-plasty without anesthesia, comfortable, no pain, no scar


Ultrasonic frequency;33KHz, 28KHz
User interface: Digital touch screen
Net Weight: 10 pounds
Dimensions: 243*290*358
Output power: 100Watt


1 x main machine
1 x 33KHz cavitation head(∮63 applicator connector)
1 x 28 KHz cavitation head(∮38 applicator connector)
1 x plastic holder
1 x power supply wire

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